Membership Options and Terms – Please read carefully before joining
 You must be a professional DJ, Producer or Remixer to join us. We will verify that you hold one of these occupations . If you are not eligible for membership, your application will be cancelled and your fee refunded to you.

 There are no daily, weekly or monthly download caps, you will have full access to the entire collection. You can only download a particular track or track-pack a maximum of 3 times.

 All subscriptions will automatically renew through PayPal. You can cancel this at anytime with 1-click cancel in your Remix Faction ‘My Account Hub’.

 There are no refunds. Once your payment has been received and your application processed, we cannot offer any refund of any kind. The only time we offer a refund is if you have not accessed the site, or your application review gets declined.

 Please do not share your account login or any tracks with anyone. We have tracker ID’s on all material and we will know where a leak came from. We also track IP Addresses so we will know if you allow someone else to login on your account.




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  • Unlimited Downloads
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  • Automatic Renewal

6 Monthly

Automatic Renewal
  • 15% Discount
  • Unlimited Downloads
  • Vault Access


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